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Quality Assurance

We as a company believe that Quality assurance is the main pillar/ back bone of our business and understand that it is the most important aspect, which affects the level of success. We never ever compromise with the quality aspect and which always enhance our relationship/ bonding and long term relationship with our esteemed clients.

Though we are a firm believer of “ Buy for less” however we value engineer the products keeping in mind all the necessary performance/ legal tests requirements are not compromised.

We further keep doing market research/ customer survey through various methods to perform and improve the quality process with in organization and as well as in the factories. This in turn helps to conduct various other evaluation processes like standards compliance evaluations, brand assurance evaluations, sales feedback evaluations to have a clear visibility on next steps for improvements and implementations to achieve success beyond excellence.

We keep motivating our suppliers/ factories to work on Production and Quality management process development plans and implement that they develop, document, implement, maintain, monitor, measure, analyze, control and improve regularly.
Our custom made product inspection helps customers to buy services from us depending upon their specific requirements on a substantially low cost module. We have our QC team based on all the major manufacturing hubs across India to have a strong and regular presence in the factory to perform inspections on various stages of production without much additional cost burden to our esteemed clients.

We further measure the compliance standards/ improvements in the factory on a day to day basis and all our Quality inspectors/ technologist are well trained and we have made compulsory for them to take a formal round of complete factory site for at least one hour to review any visual critical/ major non –compliance issues in the factories and all such visits are again documented with a proper photography evidences to help us to review and measure regular corrective actions in the factory.