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CSR Policy

Being a part of most respectable business and associated with most well known retailers in our businesses, It is in our DNA now to ensure that minimum requirements of ethical sourcing are met with all our products sourced from various factories. Our in house dedicated team is fully equipped with International labor laws and local labor laws and ensure that all are factories are aware and have implemented the required processes in their routine systems.

It is mandatory for all our factories to go through ISQAA Sourcing Private Limited audit manual processes before offering their products. Our sourcing and compliance team perform regular screening of all the new/ proposed factories to understand the current status and advisable “ Next steps”

Our custom made audit process ensures;

  1. Child labor policy
  2. Forced labor policy
  3. Discrimination policy
  4. Health and safety requirements and implementations
  5. Hazardous chemical and process safety requirements
  6. Wages and benefits
  7. Overtime policy and actual benefits
  8. Canteen/ Crèche facility
  9. Freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining
  10. Safe use of machineries and Chemicals
  11. Environmental policy and management
  12. Disciplinary policy for workers welfare
  13. Working conditions
  14. Sexual harassment policy and committee
  15. Brand protection policy
  16. Physical security
  17. Information access security
  18. Internal testing performance capabilities
  19. Internal quality manual and implementation requirements and effectiveness
  20. Factory history and records of previous audits and improvements plan